Blat Beirut

Inspired by the old tiles of Lebanon

Total Look



Inspired by the old cane chair


Malak Rings

Brushed gold set with icy diamonds


Fuse Earlobe

Fused on to one's ear

‘Khaizaran’ is inspired by the craft and design of chair caning. "The Khaizaran chairs were ever present in my childhood. I remember before Eid we would rigorously wash the surfaces of the chairs. My mother, grandmother and aunts would form delicate rings out of biscuit dough and before putting them on trays to bake in the oven, they would hand them to us children to dip in sesame and then gently press them on the surface of the chair so that the print of the chair would emboss on the biscuits. The biscuits came out of the oven lightly golden and we would pretend they were bracelets.” Says Nada.

‘Blat Beirut’ which translates to English as ‘Tiles of Beirut’ is inspired by the gorgeous designs on tiles that grace period homes found in the city. "During the winter days we were forced to stay inside. Where kids today look down to their tablets and play video games, we looked down to the ground and using the tiles of the floors to play hopscotch, we hopped on our tiptoes to get across the tiles.” said Nada Ghazal, Founder and Creative Director of Nada G™. "The designs on those tiles are forever engraved in my mind and now I’ve imprinted them on rings."