Nada Ghazal Fine Jewelry announces its collaboration with famous clothing brand Tibi through a new collection named ‘Sheer’. Nada envisioned Sheer seeing the new TIBI collection and its ethereal, transparent, light feel. The idea of a woman having an effortless, yet unique personal sense of style, and one who never sacrifices function for fashion, is something that really resonates with Nada Ghazal Fine Jewelry.

Details about the Collection

Sheer is light, yet elegant, its gems are meticulously set. Its form creates a transparency that is echoed by the gems which appear as if they are free and floating giving it a light feel. 
Rings and earrings blend Tibi's ethereal, effortless aesthetic with the timelessness and elegance of the Nada Ghazal brand. Nada uses rough, hand brushed 18K gold, set with signature scattered gems keeping true to her unique code.

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